White paper

Disclaimer: While we do our utmost to ensure that any concept on this page is completely accurate and up-to-date at all times, many will not be exhaustive and are subject to additional change.
March 2020.


Miquel J. PAVÓN BESALÚ current CEO of the company BITCOIN STARTUP CAPITAL SA is a geographer, graduated from the University of Barcelona and has a master's degree in personnel management and industrial psychology from the School of Business Administration (EAE).

In addition, he is an investor and fan of mountaineering and kayaking.

He was born in Girona in 1961 and lives between Girona and Campo (Huesca).

He has worked, from 1988 to 2010, as a liberal professional in the surveying sector. Following the crisis in the real estate sector in 2007-2008, he changed his job to the financial sector due to his knowledge of listed markets.


The company started under the investment club formula and the shares were listed on the LitecoinInvest website. The main activity was the sale of bitcoins on the LocalBitcoins platform. There were no assets, so the investment was very liquid and it was easy to divest. A high weekly dividend was paid. This caused the first major problem to solve: a large amount of money came in as a new investment. The solution was to create Bitcoin Investors Trust SL (founded on 04-4-2015) after two informational meetings held in Barcelona and Madrid.


The company has a total share capital of:
Constitution (8-4-2015): 3,400 euros.
First capital increase (08-30-2016): 712,570 euros.
Second capital increase (10-2-2017): 1,439,804 euros.
Third capital increase ( 11-27-2017 ): 167,889 euros.
TOTAL share capital: 2,323,663.00 euros.
Share premium: 531,877.50 + 1,367,813.80 + 184,677.90 = 2,084,369.20 euros.
Participative loans: 687,972.60 euros.
TOTAL CAPITAL: 5,096,004.80 euros as of December 31, 2017.
The company has at this stage a total of 123 partners participating in the share capital. And a total of 174 participating lenders of which there are 37 who have requested to divest.
25 people are directly employed in Spain, 1 in France, 1 in Greece and 2 in Germany. A total of 29 people.
Work centers:
• Central office in Girona.
• GroupBTC own stores in: Girona, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Madrid.
• Foreign: Montpellier, Athenas and Mülheim an der Ruhr.
• GroupBTC franchises: Barcelona (Sant Pere), Barcelona (Olympic Port), Madrid (Cavanilles) and Vigo. New franchises are beginning to open at a good pace.


Limited companies in current legislation have a major problem: it is not easy to transfer shares between partners. To solve this stumbling block, it was decided to transform the limited company into a limited company. The old units become bearer shares. The company provides a novel solution: instead of giving the shareholder a piece of paper, they are given a digital token as proof of their action. In this way, a solution is provided to shareholders who wish to trade their shares. A partner agreement is formalized before a notary public that equates a BSC token with an action by the mercantile Bitcoin Startup Capital SA on February 27, 2018.

This new phase of the company is also characterized by having completed an important development: that of physical and human ATMs under the BTCfácil brand . With this, the GroupBTC franchise is also ready for commercialization. These business lines generate income, at the time an operation is carried out, equivalent to a fixed royalty of 1% of the operation . They are secured by being in the development code. They are scalable thanks to the fact that cryptocurrencies have no operating limits. No one can prevent the company from receiving its sales since there are no intermediaries in the payment process.


Innovation in the field of finance was lacking when cryptocurrencies burst in from 2009. This technological modernization manages to alter the old commercial models of the financial sector. Costs are significantly reduced and the profits of cryptocurrency holders are greatly boosted. This causes cryptocurrencies to be quickly known as assets. A process of reconstruction of the entire dark and centralized financial system begins with a new decentralized and totally transparent one.

The adoption of the banking industry to the innovation of the digital age is obstructed by a set of malpractices. They are reluctant to accept the new digital technology. Furthermore, only a few have access to wealth management by specialized companies. The old financial system is elitist.

Cash remains the predominant form because it is the only form that does not exclude anyone from its use. Electronic and digital money is becoming increasingly popular, but it has the drawback of being controlled by governments and banks. No one can have a bank account or a card without prior fitness approval that excludes a large portion of the population. Cryptocurrencies do not have this stumbling block since there is no impediment of use to anyone without distinctions of any kind.

Blockchain has become a potentially disruptive technology. It runs like a transaction ledger spread across an entire computer network. This network is in charge of jointly monitoring an immutable transaction history.

The combination of algorithms with that of smart contracts may allow entirely new financial services.


There are groups especially vulnerable to current financial exclusion:
• Unemployed people.
• Young people without jobs, education or training.
• Tenants of social protection floors.
• Single parent or divorced families.
• People with disabilities.
• People with mental health problems or drug dependencies.
• Prisoners, prisoners or relatives of prisoners.
• Members of ethnic minorities.
• Immigrants.
• Asylum seekers and refugees.
• Homeless.
• Old people.
• Women.
• Low-income people.
• Residents of countries classified as terrorists or with complicated political regimes.
• People who live in remote, remote or hard-to-reach areas of a bank office.

But there are also "non pleasant" businesses for banking. A French bank manager came to confirm that an entity of a second-hand car dealer does not open an account. So it did not surprise me that a young man who had made a website to sell women's lingerie did not want to hand over the application in order to manage the website's sales with cards.

How to solve these unfair situations?


As previously discussed, cryptocurrencies are like cash that are not mutually exclusive. They are accessible to all groups, whether they are disadvantaged or not. It has been studied that more than 90% of the world population today already has access to a mobile phone with coverage, while less than 50% have access to the services of a bank office.

That is why it is convenient to develop everything necessary in parallel with current banking services in the crypto world: wallets, ATMs, payment processors, investment, ... There must be a solid and complete system that covers all possible needs.


• We are the future: the daily physical currency will disappear in a short time from our pockets.
• Elimination of intermediaries: A third party is not necessary in an economic transaction between two.
• Increase efficiency: Pay instantly without delay.
• Improve the economy: We support the alternative economy that restores power to people.


• Purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies: The client can buy and sell any cryptocurrency including personalized advice.
• Token development: The client can order the development of a token. The company can carry out technical development, legal advice, an audit, a bountie program and the inclusion for sale in the btcfácil network of travelers, groupbtc franchises or tradecryptocurrency web.
• Cryptocurrency ATMs: The company has developed an ATM that allows you to automatically change a fiat currency for a cryptocurrency in person. The cashier can be physical or human (it is an application).

• Franchise: The company has designed the GroupBTC brand, which is a store open to the public that allows selling everything related to cryptocurrencies.
• Cryptocurrency investment: The company has different investment products for the client who wishes to invest, adjusting as best as possible to their profile: cryptocurrency investment pack, mining or BSC token.
• Cryptocurrency wallet: It is the main product of all cryptocurrencies to have an application that allows you to send, receive, check the balance and see the movements with the simplest possible use.
• Payment processor: Allows all merchants with a physical store or electronic commerce to accept cryptocurrencies when they sell their products.


• Vending machines: It is expected that the coins will be the first thing to become obsolete when the cash begins to disappear. It is also expected that cryptocurrencies are the ones that replace the physical currencies.


According to the data extracted from the CoinMarketCap website, the current value of the set of all cryptocurrencies is about 200 billion dollars at the end of 2018. It had a maximum of 800 billion at the beginning of 2018.

Regarding the company's business lines, it can be verified that:
• The demand for the development of tokens is growing: Given that it constitutes a source of private financing alternative to banking.
• The demand for the use of ATMs is growing: Because banking is hindering the operation of buying and selling cryptocurrencies with online exchanges.
• The demand for franchises is growing : Because there is an important need to give information to the public in person.
• Investment demand grows: Having experienced significant revaluations in the past.


The group of companies belonging to the world of cryptocurrencies has prioritized having income in cryptocurrencies. For this, all sales royalties have been defined in such a way that it can be so. It should be noted that: • ATMs charge 1% of the purchase and sale operations in the corresponding cryptocurrency.
• Franchises pay 1% of sales to the parent in cryptocurrencies.
• Token sales pay 1% of sales on ethereum.
• The wallet pays 1% of the payments in the corresponding cryptocurrency.
• The payment processor pays 1% of the amount of sales in the corresponding cryptocurrency.
• Investment products pay a percentage of what is invested in cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin.

All royalties are insured by being included in the corresponding development code.

It is the company's intention to cover the fixed expenses with the aforementioned royalties. Sales of ATMs and franchises would remain as extraordinary income.


The company has significant own resources as the registered capital stock exceeds 4 million euros.

Society devotes a very important part of its profits to developing new applications and completing those that are in progress.

In the year corresponding to 2018, it already has balanced accounts and does not require new capital. Any new investment applies to speeding up the end of ongoing developments ahead of schedule.

During the financial year 2017 and 2018, it was not possible to distribute significant dividends since it was necessary to dedicate resources to complete the development of the physical ATM and the design of the GroupBTC franchise. Already for the 2019 financial year, the amount and frequency of the dividend are expected to increase.

There has been a major problem with Spanish banking during the 2018 financial year since they have made a significant belligerence with companies that are dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies by closing accounts. This has meant that the buying and selling business has suffered a lot. It has forced the restructuring of the income statement in an important way due to the almost zero income from this concept.

The group's main sales are btcfácil ATMs, groupbtc franchises and token development. No changes are anticipated until the wallet and payment processor is released.


The data presented is subject to many variables and should only be considered in the case of a very favorable and positive scenario.

Group income: Crypto asset revaluation A bullish scenario is contemplated

200,000.00 Cryptocurrency purchase and sale Total volume: € 15,000,000 at 1% € 150,000.00 Average BTC ATM sales easy 2 physical and 3 human ATMs per month € 150,000.00
Sale of franchises GroupBTC Average 1 every two months € 90,000.00
Development of tokens Average 1 every month € 60,000.00
Payment processor No statistics available € 30,000.00 Cryptocurrency
wallet No statistics available € 10,000.00
TOTAL INCOME: € 690,000.00
Group expenses: € 480,000.00
Expected benefit:€ 210,000.00
Expected benefit for each BSC token: € 0.021


Although legally the group of companies cannot be considered as entities subject to regulation, there is a voluntary commitment to transparency to meet the main necessary and mandatory requirements of the KYC and AML regulations regarding the prevention of suspicious activities of money laundering. capital or terrorism.

KYC (know your customer) is the process of taking personal data relevant to the business to be closed. The company takes all the necessary measures to get to know its new clients, what they do and where their funds come from. All sales are closed with the prior signing of a contract and budget.

Likewise, the purses used for commercial activities are associated with a customer account and its corresponding verification is carried out.



In the same way that there are virtual currencies, there are now virtual shares of companies or projects that are called tokens. They are smart contracts (smart contracts) that mostly work today on the ethereum network.

A BSC token is a digital proof of a share of the company Bitcoin Startup Capital SA. It is invested in technology startups that focus on projects and developments related to cryptocurrencies. Investments in the BTCfácil ATM or GroupBTC franchises, among others, stand out.

Bitcoin Investors Trust SA is a public limited company in which the shares are in bearer and therefore are freely transferable. The partners agree that their titles will be deposited with the company itself.

The company's digital token is a smart contract from the ethereum network. The token name is Bitcoin Startup Capital and its ticker (code) is BSC . The token has been properly verified and verified by the ethereum developers. The tokens are managed with an ethereum wallet and work just like a virtual currency, that is, each movement is registered. The ratio is one token to one share and will never vary.


Investment without minimum or maximum.
The investment can be made in euros or in cryptocurrencies.
It is important to note that this is a high risk product.


The BSC token can be bought and sold directly on the ethereum contract.
In any ethereum wallet you must use the option to operate with contracts.

The transmission of the token will mean the transmission of the corresponding action when they are inextricably linked. The token, therefore, is a virtual representation of the action and as such it does not have an inherent economic value but only the value that the action it represents may have.

The token acquirer so that the company recognizes the status of partner and can exercise the rights of partner and, in particular, the collection of dividends and voting at the general meetings of the company must be accredited on the corporate website of the company accrediting compliance with all legal requirements established by current legislation in Spain to be a shareholder in Bitcoin Startup Capital SA. The accreditation on the web will suppose the adhesion of the new shareholder to the present partners agreement.

The token is freely transferable both between partners and third parties and prior communication to the rest of the shareholders is not necessary.

The calculation of the company's assets, the possible economic projection of its projects, the price of ethereum and the payment that is received as dividends intervenes in the value of the BSC token. The price of the token is defined by the free market. There is never usually a good relationship between its value and its price, although it would be desirable.


Dividend payment is regular.
It can be received in euros, bitcoins, ethereum or litecoins indicating the desired percentage.
Payment of dividends is made with the corresponding withholding tax.
It is possible to configure a reinvestment of the dividend.
It is essential to be registered to have the right to vote and receive dividends.


Name: Bitcoin Startup Capital
Total number: 100,000,000
Decimals: 0
Ticker: BSC

The company has issued a total of 100 million BSC tokens (without decimals) of which up to a maximum number corresponding to the shares currently outstanding (11,601,315 tokens corresponding to the same number of currently existing shares) will be delivered upon request by of each shareholder.

The rest of the tokens will be reserved for possible future needs. Both the creation of more tokens and the release and circulation of more tokens than those already created must always be done with prior approval from the General Shareholders' Meeting.

Contract: The official BSC token contract .


Investing in the BSC token is a very good opportunity to have our well-diversified portfolio and be in the sector of technology startups focused on projects and developments related to cryptocurrencies.

As the token is anchored with the ethereum currency, today the second most important in terms of capitalization, an investment in BSC tokens is the same as investing in ethereum. The important difference is that we will receive dividends in the case of BSC tokens whereas with ethereum coins we will not.

As the company was born in 2015, it is already consolidated in the sector and is an important benchmark in southern Europe and Latin America. The payment of dividends has been a constant since its incorporation.

The constitution and publication of the BSC token took place on September 21, 2017. In the first year, more than 1200 purchase and sale operations registered in the contract have been carried out.


Year 2014

Creation of Hedge Fund BTC and LTC as an investment club with shares listed on the LitecoinInvest website.
Main activity: Purchase and sale of bitcoins on the LocalBitcoins platform.
Dividend: High and weekly.
Entering a large amount of capital as a new investment.

Year 2015

Constitution of Bitcoin Investors Trust SL on April 8, 2015 with 3400 euros.
Activity: The development of the BTCfácil ATM begins.

Year 2016

First capital increase on August 30, 2016 of 712,570 euros and issue premium of 531,877.50 euros.

Year 2017

Second capital increase on February 10, 2017 of 1,439,804 euros and issue premium of 1,367,813.80 euros.
Creation of the BSC token on September 21, 2017.
Third capital increase on November 27, 2017 of 167,889 euros and issue premium of 184,677.90 euros.

Year 2018

The limited company Bitcoin Investors Trust SL is transformed into the anonymous Bitcoin Startup Capital SA on February 27, 2018. The old participations become bearer shares. The company provides the shareholder with a digital token for each share. ́A partner agreement is formalized before a notary public that equates a BSC token with an action by the mercantile Bitcoin Startup Capital SA
Activity: The GroupBTC franchise design is finalized.
Quote: The BSC token has an average market price of 0.02 euros / BSC.

Year 2019

Activity: The wallet and the payment processor are finished.

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